Pacific Orchid Exposition

Bay Area Guide to Orchids and Their Culture

The perfect guide to growing orchids in the San Francisco Area, the Bay Area Guide to Orchids and Their Culture will be available at both the Orchid Conservation Alliance booth in the main display area, and at the membership sales table in the gallery. This books should answer all of your questions about purchasing and caring for your orchids. 

This informative book, published by the San Francisco Orchid Society, has everything you need to know about growing orchids in the Bay Area. How to repot, what to repot with, what orchids do well outside (and in what part of the Bay Area), orchid selections for the windowsill, orchid selections for the cool and intermediate-warm greenhouse. Pests, diseases, frequently asked questions and information about local orchid nurseries. 

In addition to purchasing at the show, the book is available on and also on the San Francisco Orchid Society website below: