Pacific Orchid Exposition

Nearby restaurants

Hungry? there will be some food and  and a  water dispenser  in the courtyard. This year we will have Annie's HotDogs in the courtyard where you can grab a quick lunch. But if you want something different no worries, there are lots of wonderful restaurants a few minutes walk from the County Fair Building. Simply cross Lincoln Way (at the crosswalk) and walk up 9th Avenue. There are restaurants on both sides of 9th, as well as on the next cross street, Irving. The map below shows the location of some of the nearby restaurants. 

IMPORTANT! Be sure to have your hand stamped before you leave so that you can re-enter the show. You could also think about visiting the restuarants on your way back to the parking garage at UCSF. All of these wonderful restuarants are on the way back to the parking lot. You can leave your orchids at the Plant Hotel, then swing by after you have your car and pick them up using the drop off area in front of the County Fair Building.